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About Us

I started Pax Potions in 2014 as a solution to my sensitive skin and have spent the last five years creating effective, beautiful and customized skincare products that work with the skin to achieve its natural balance.

When I became pregnant, I scrutinized every label for safer lotions, body oils and home cleaning products, usually coming up short or unsatisfied. So, I took to my kitchen with the ingredients I already knew were safe to make what I needed: belly butter, body oil, healing sprays and linen sprays--all without chemicals. I am now thrilled to share the Gaia line for expecting and postpartum mothers--these products helped me heal before and after baby and I hope they will do the same for other new mamas out there. 

Now that I'm a mother, I am even more aware of what I put on my body and my daughter's body. I am dedicated to making and using simple products with no fillers, chemicals or preservatives, but I am also a woman who loves skincare that makes me feel pampered and beautiful. 

Pax Potions is about having both: beauty products that feel luxurious and sexy without the chemical-filled fragrances and fillers. Pax Potions helps you clean up your beauty routine and still feel like a Goddess.