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Pax Potions

Small batch, intentional skincare customized to heal and maintain your unique skin.


High Standards


Know exactly what you're putting on your body. No fillers, chemicals, or preservatives.


Curated blends that suit your skin + spirit.


Each product made in small batches to preserve quality and freshness.


"I’ve tried literally everything and this is the only thing that ever kept my skin this calm and clear. I just wanted to send a little thanks. I’m so happy I found you and your wonderful products!"


"I have LOVED your cleanser SO MUCH! As a lifetime victim of oily skin, I'm shocked and delighted that this doesn't make me break out and actually controls my oil."


"Love Pax Potions! My skin has never looked and felt better. Katie is awesome and a delight. Everything comes on time and with a personal touch. Can't recommend this enough!"


"Katie worked with me on not only the right combination of oils to benefit my skin type, but also the kinds of scents I love (and the scents my significant other might NOT love)!
Very thoughtful process and products, and I can report that the oils are AMAZING.
I'm officially hooked and want everything PaxPotions makes."


"This is my second order of the Rose Eye Serum. It has secured its place on my vanity as my favorite product! Before using it, I had a few dry, brown, flaking spots on my upper eyelids that are now totally eliminated. 

It absorbs quickly, and smells like heaven. The ingredients are the highest quality, and I love that it’s made in small batches. My first bottle lasted almost 6 months, despite a trip where some of the contents spilled out. 

Holy grail product! Can’t wait to try more Pax products!"



"Pax Potions' essential oil blend is amazing!! I've been using it daily on my scar (major ankle break that required surgery - the scar is over 3 inches long) and it looks so much better! The color is lighter and the skin just looks so healthy. It has pulled together nicely over the actually incision mark and the suture marks are almost disappearing. I'm so pleased!! Add that it smells delightful and I am one happy customer :) Thanks, Katie, for making my silly bicycle accident <almost> a distant memory."